We offer three High Capacity Secure Mining Space (H.C.S.M.S) lease plan options that vary by duration. Each with the following corresponding pricing and electricity rates:

500 Day Hosting: $1,500 @ $.07/kw

1000 Day Hosting: $2,500 @ $.06/kw

5 Year Hosting: $4,200 @ $.05/kw


All H.C.S.M.S. plans include our full support system which includes:

  1. High capacity electrical supply
  2. Discounted subsidized energy pricing
  3. At-cost pricing on the most efficient and productive machines
  4. 24/7/365 technical support
  5. State of the art security system
  6. 1g download speed dedicated fiber optic internet connection, with virtually zero latency.
*All H.C.S.M.S. plans are to be paid up front and in full.

All you need to do is to choose at least one of our H.C.S.M.S. lease plan options to get started today.

We regularly run promotions that may include discounted High Capacity Secure Mining Space (H.C.S.M.S.) hosting options, free power periods, and or complimentary extended time durations. Contact customer support on our Live Chat Box or email us at support@dunamisglobaltech.com to learn more about our special, seasonal, and limited  promotions.


500 Day Hosting

Lease plan details

1000 Day Hosting

Lease plan details

5 YEAR Hosting

Lease plan details

Dunamis Global Technologies inc. (“Dunamis”) is an Arizona corporation that leases “H.C.S.M.S.” space a.k.a (High Capacity Secure Mining Space) and technologies for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. Dunamis is authorized to conduct business throughout the United States of America and is in full compliance with all state and federal laws, statutes and regulations.
All leasing plans grant the buyer access to space and support in our facilities for a set time duration. Dunamis does not sell/supply or own mining equipment and all mining is done by our clients at their cost and discretion. All mining rewards from machines in Dunamis’ custody go directly to the machine owners. No commissions are paid from the purchase of machines or from mining revenue of customers. All commissions paid are from the H.C.S.M.S. lease plans only. Dunamis is a hosting company, customers are the miners.